My Merch and Music was born out of a passion for wanting to help musicians gain exposure for their music and monetize what they love doing without the strongholds that we’ve seen up until now in the music industry.

As a local musician himself, owner and founder Anthony Champagne understands that the local music industry is not set up to benefit the artists as much as it should be. In reality, there is no music industry without the talent that makes it an industry, yet benefits and support for the artists are often thought about last.

There are less opportunities for artists to build their careers in a realistic way then there are for the other players in the industry. For example, music venues and streaming platforms continue to grow through the talent of the artists playing there or producing content for them, but often do not pass the benefits on to the artist.

Due to the lack of support and opportunities for musical artists, the message of competition over collaboration is heavily present within the music community.

After giving this some continued thought, Anthony realized that if he could help to dispel the myth behind this message, local artists could come together to create some real change in the landscape of the music industry.

My Merch and Music is a platform that is dedicated to bringing musical artists of all genres together in an effort to disrupt the industry and give more credit, where credit is due - to the artists that make it possible.

Through the My Merch and Music platform and it’s aligned communities (National Local Music and I Love Local Music), artists can come together, share fans to gain more exposure, and monetize their music through merch sales to help them make a real career out of doing what they love; creating music.

Stop believing what the industry is selling. 

Music needs to be less about competing with other artists to rise to the top and more about understanding that power and major change lies within our collaboration.

The My Merch and Music team truly believes that through helping one another, musical artists can and will transform the limited availability of current opportunities into something the music industry has never seen before - an even playing field for all parties involved.

Learn more about how you can join us and get your merch online for free.